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We find what suits our investors

For investors

Get on board
You want to be a part of start-up businesses?
You want to pass on your experience?
You have invested in a start-up and are not happy with the way it has developed?
Everything is okay – but couldn’t it be performing a little better?

Then we should get to know each other. As investors, we know where you’re coming from.


Market focus

Investment navigators
We can help you find the right investment. We’ll listen very carefully to you for a start – and ask lots of questions. After all, we want you and your money to feel comfortable with your new partner.

Then we’ll advise you on the markets and market prospects of start-ups. And look for very definitely ambitious and promising business models and entrepreneurs for you, aligned to your interests.

Maybe we’ve already got a match? Take a look...


Relationship management

Developing potential
We stay by your side even after you’ve opted for a start-up. You can count on our support in the many challenges posed by working with new businesses. We draw on our experience as consultants, team builders and coaches.

Communication: getting on firm footing
It’s not always easy to find a common language, especially at the beginning of a collaboration. Sometimes, the differing experiences of investors and founders also put the brakes on interactions in the initial phase. In this case, we can help you to take a step back – and see the business through the other’s eyes for a while.

Business growth: forging strong teams
If your chosen start-up is growing successfully, it’s bound to produce some growing pains sooner or later: information is no longer flowing freely, the workflow no longer works, suddenly there are bosses and employees around and nobody cares about the dishes in the kitchen. Time for team building to get your start-up and the people behind it all moving forward together.

Strategy: staying the course
Broken even? Absolutely. In the black? Increasingly so. Everything ship-shape? Well, yes. Markets, businesses, customers and competitors are changing all around you. We can sort through the developments in the wider field so that you and your investment can stay on course to success. We’ll also make sure that you never miss the boat in gaining a competitive edge.

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