Ilmenau Business Angels

Side by side with the start-ups

Starting out

A good beginning
You have a business idea that excites you? – Great!
Other people think it’s good too? – Even better.
You’re aware of your idea’s potential, know what makes your future customers tick and
have the experience you’ll need? – Now you’re piquing our interest.
You’re not just looking for money but also active investors? – Then we should talk.


What we want

Great expectations
Whether you want to revolutionise the Web, start an organic farm or make waves on the toy market – we’re open to everything. What’s crucial for us is that you’re passionate about your idea. You will give it your all. You want success. And you can take advice even though you’re completely committed.

Before we begin
We are open to many ideas – but we still have a few expectations:

  • Making sense:
    You solve problems – those of your potential customers. We want to be able to see this, and you should be able to demonstrate it.
  • Medium-haul flights:
    Your idea should be able to achieve an operational break-even point in three to five years.
  • Experience in the field:
    You should already know your way around your field of business – and also in professional life.
  • One more thing:
    You should not be risk averse – that’s why you should already have planned for it and be willing to shoulder your own part of it.
  • No, no, no-go:
    Glossy PowerPoint concepts without a penny in turnover, but with a preliminary valuation of five million upwards – no thanks.


What we offer

A helping hand
You’ve already had the best idea. We can assist you with the hard facts as well as with the not-so-soft skills beyond the figures and market data so that you can continue to grow.

If you can convince us of your idea, we can also convince others of it. We can find sources of funding for you and put you in touch with investors.

We can review your company’s structures and workflows with you to ensure it all runs smoothly. We can suggest appropriate adjustments – like when your business grows. We can take on projects for your business. And, if necessary, we can help you to optimise your business for tax and legal purposes.

Leadership, teamwork, strategy
If your company is growing, we’ll take a look with you at what you need to change to stay successful. It could be team building or coaching for new managers. And we’ll review your strategic options with you, to keep you on track.

Loud and clear
We do, of course, also want to be able to make money as investors. That’s why:
If we’re not convinced, you’ll get constructive feedback.
If we don’t want to invest, we’ll point to possible alternatives.
If we can’t see any alternatives, we’ll tell you straight up.


We would like to get to know you

Tell us all about it

No bullshit
In general, we’re really curious.
This means we want to get to know you. And your idea.

But we don’t need any one-pagers. Any elevator pitches. Or any business plans.
If you have all that already – great.
If you don’t, simply write to us about what you’re up to. Tell us about your idea.
Introduce us to your team. However you like.
But always via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
And we’ll get back to you. We promise.

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