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Our portfolio offers huge variety for founders and investors: entertainment, health, food, fashion – we don’t pin you down. But we don’t commit to just anything: bright minds and compelling concepts are behind all our start-ups.



Tasty artistry in a glass – fair and healthy:

Harvest Moon

Anyone can make fruit juice. Fewer people can make healthy fruit juice. Only a very few can make fair trade fruit juice. And fair trade fruit juice that’s good for all the cells in your body? Only Hamburg-based young entrepreneurs James Kothanickel and Florian Jung can.

Their business idea won us over, too. Harvest Moon fruit juices taste incredibly delicious, neutralise free radicals and generate long-lasting synergies – based on economic, ecological and social responsibility. We have been behind the fruit juice producers since 2011.

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Harvest Moon founder Florian Jung


Ahead of the curves:


SugarShape sisters Sabrina Schönborn and Laura Gollers know what’s what: size matters. As does looking good. In brief: perfectly fitting underwear with style and sometimes glamour in every size.

They know from experience that this is not always that easy, so they founded their own company. Now they simply make their own lingerie and sell their shapely goods in their own online shop. We have invested in SugarShape since 2012 – and they’ve never once thrown us a curve.

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SugarShape's Sabrina Schönborn and Laura Gollers


Image, sound, passion:

pohlmann creatives

It matters what it looks like. It matters how it sounds. It really matters what it does to us. pohlmann is driven by eleven creative minds who make music films. With passion and professionalism.

They call their concept musitainment. Newcomers and experienced professionals develop material for short and feature films, composing the accompanying music, casting, filming, cutting and producing narrative worlds to charm and envelop you. Even us. That’s why we have financed productions by Franziska Pohlmann and her team since 2013.

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Franziska Pohlmann of pohlmann creatives


Well looked after:

Deutscher Pflegering

What do I do if family members need care? How do I find the right care service? What services do I even need? And who can help me sort through the heaps of information, the stacks of applications and mounds of service providers? – Deutscher Pflegering can take care of all this!

Oliver Hamacher and his company have realised the concept of providing fast and simple support to people who are either in need of care or carers themselves. Those affected can get advice via an online portal, get clear information on local providers and arrange a personal consultation if necessary. We too are well looked after – thanks to our commitment to Deutscher Pflegering since 2010.

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Pflegering head Oliver Hamacher


Connecting to the digital crowd:


Listen, like, download – that’s not how it works these days! At least, not with the major players in the online music and audio book market. In contrast, at DigitalStores the distance between music label or audio book publisher to end user is short. Really short.

The founders from Hamburg also cash in on passing digital trade with uncomplicated B2C solutions; on marketplace portals, in white label shops or via their own download shops, providers can sell their products directly to their valued customers with no intermediary. Connecting is worth it. Since 2013 for us.

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Two of the masterminds behind DigitalStores

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